Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today I released a partial list of endorsements for my campaign. I am humbled to have the support of so many prominent leaders who have demonstrated their commitment and dedication to Colorado and this great nation through years of public service. I look forward to working together and tapping into their experience to bring an even higher level of expertise and credibility to the table.

A partial listing of elected officials, past and present, as well as community leaders includes the following:

Scott McInnis, Former U.S. Congressman, CD-3

Steve Largent, Former U.S. Congressman

Natalie Meyer, Former Colorado Secretary of State

Ron May, Former State Senator, District 10

Carl Williams, Former State Senator

Marsha Looper, State Representative, District 19

Tom Grimshaw, Former State Representative

Bill Sinclair, Former State Representative

Scott Hente, Colorado Springs City Council

Jerry Heimlicher, Colorado Springs City Council

Cara Russell, Mayor of Buena Vista

Ed Libby, Former Mayor of Cripple Creek

Harry Hoth, Former Mayor of Colorado Springs

Dennis Peck, Former City Councilman and Mayor Pro tem, Cripple Creek

COL Bill McPherson, USA (Ret), City Administrator, City of Cripple Creek

Don Bain, Former Colorado State Republican Party Chairman

Tom Ready, Former Chairman, Pueblo County Republican Party

Connie Solomon, Former Chief of Staff to Congressman Joel Hefley

Martin Fox, Former Legislative Assistant for Military Affairs to Congressman
Joel Hefley

Ruth Eck, Former District Director, Congressman Joel Hefley

Leah DeLay, Former Staffer, U.S. Congressmen Tom Tancredo and Scott

Jack Gloriod, Gloriod & Associates Real Estate

Jay Cimino, President/CEO, Phil Long Ford

Ron DeLay, DeLay Development Company

Lois Landgraf, Fountain City Council At-Large

Darin Anstine, Fountain

Chuck Asay, Political Cartoonist

Don Moon, Red Herring Productions

Henry “Hank” Walter, Retired Publisher, Woodmen Edition and Cheyenne Edition

Dr. and Mrs. Milton Dewhirst, Family Practice Physician

David Jenkins, Nor’wood Development

Joan Joseph, St. Francis Health Care System


Gospeller said...

Very impressive list! Congratulations. It speaks well for your candidacy.

I was hoping you might write a post on what you learned about rural health care on your listening tour in early February. What problems were expressed? What solutions do you propose? Thanks in advance of the election for giving us voters an idea of how you might work for us as our congressman. That's what it's all about, separating yourself from the other candidates in some way or another. At this point, there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference.

Rayburn4Congress said...

I am honored that so many fine community leaders have come out and supported my candidacy!

The Health Care Tour is going great. We have a couple for stops before we are finished, but let me say that up to this point I have been so impressed with the quality of care that the rural facilities provide. I look forward to sharing with you all of our findings and the issues that the Health Care industry faces as soon as we complete our tour. Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

We at Conservative for Change have endorsed your candidacy for congress. We reach out to conservatives all across the country, but being that we are from Colorado we took moment to lend our support to you.

Rayburn4Congress said...

I am honored that you have endorsed me on your blog alongside so many other fine conservative leaders. I am committed to the conservative values that make our country strong and will be a staunch defender of these values in the Congress. Thanks again for your support and joining me on the road to victory!